SEO Expert & Consultant

SEO Expert & Consultant

Hi, My name is Ajay K Sharma and a freelance SEO expert based in Delhi. I am also a Design Consultant for SEO, Website designing, E commerce Website, Branding and Digital Marketing at Delhi based company Himadri Technologies.

Himadri Technologies is not just a Creative Agency!
We are your cognitive partner for all kinds of Website Development needs, , digital marketing, multimedia solutions, digital brand promotion, search engine optimization and mobile application development.
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Corporate Identity, Innovative Website Design and Content. In addition our expertise lies in

We build web designs with complete web standards, are sleek, mobile-friendly and attractive. We have what it takes to move your IT presence to next level with our vast experience in the domain handling projects of all depths and paradigms. Our motto is to offer IT solutions for your business which will help you to ensure successful growth in business along with brand building for your company.

SEO is not a science but for sure an engineering which evolves and improves over time. 

It is important that you revisit your SEO strategy with your Agency or Consultant every year to be inline with the Google guidelines. 

Why do you need SEO?

Occupy the real estate:

Even today I would say that the market is not competitive for local keywords. Competition is less and an opportunity is limitless with SEO. This is a good time to occupy digital real estates (positions on search engine with help of SEO consultant) for all local business related keywords. This will give you early mover advantage in long-term.

PPC is getting expensive every day:

There is a way to rank quickly on page 1 by paying Google on pay per click basis. This is a good way to start when you are short of business leads. However, what we have seen in the last 5 years that the cost per click has grown Multifood due to competition and this will continue to grow as it a bidding model. A good search marketing strategy would be to invest in SEO at the very early stage by engaging an SEO agency or an SEO expert in parallel with your PPC campaign. The objective should be to reduce PPC budget in the next 1 year and occupy real estate on a search engine using SEO. This will remove the dependency on PPC campaign.

Beat the competition:

If you are new in business but really have a great product or a service which people will like then SEO can really help you beat your competitors without giving a big hole in your pocket. Especially if you are in B2B business.

Most people make SEO Mistakes. Are you one of them?

The biggest mistake which most of the companies or individuals make that they try to connect with an SEO consultant, an expert or an SEO Agency after they complete their website design and development process.

SEO always starts before the development of a website. Clients who outsource projects face a lot of difficulties implementing SEO protocols after website development. This is because most of the designer, developers, and even big web development companies do not have in-house experienced SEO professionals to give them guidance on best SEO practices. They usually focus on module development and deployment as per the discussed scope with the client. Adhering to SEO protocols is something which is at the bottom of their task list or mind.

What is SEO Architecture?

Websites architecture is very similar to a construction architecture of any building
or an apartment. Let’s say you visit an apartment where you have a toilet entry from balcony and bedroom entry from the bathroom. How difficult would it be for you to find a bedroom or toilet in this case? – Difficult right?. Similarly, the website is also just like your apartment where you would like to have right entry and exits for your internal pages. Search engine robots or bots are very similar to any guest who visit the website once in a while and eager to see any new pages in the website, which they would like to rank if it can solve service related query of their search engine users.

Before even thinking about ranking a website for any keyword, it is important to make your website eligible to rank on search engines. If your business is in India and anywhere near to Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon or Faridabad, then my SEO consulting services can help you find search engine optimization roadblocks in your website and make it 100% eligible to rank on search engines.



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